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There are two major events Goat mom 2020 mask quarantined shirt . that have the complete attention of pop culture. At the moment. Specifically, the Winter Olympic Games and the premiere of the Black Panther movie. Both of them are reflected in the newest t-shirt additions, in the Johnny Cupcakes shop. Treading carefully enough for the lawyers, as always, but close enough for the fans to notice, the designs blend culinary elements with the aforementioned famous themes.The little fat guy in a panther suit is adorable, in typical Johnny Cupcakes style. The second design is reminiscent of the rockabilly movement. The next two are not very memorable, but I guess Winter Games fans will know how to appreciate them.No matter what you geek out on, it’s always fun to stop by his shop to see his take on the latest trending topics.

Goat mom 2020 mask quarantined shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

Goat mom 2020 mask quarantined  Classic Ladies
Classic Ladies
Goat mom 2020 mask quarantined  Hoodie
Goat mom 2020 mask quarantined  Sweatshirt
Goat mom 2020 mask quarantined  Unisex

Just when I thought Marvel couldn’t do better, they give us Black Panther Goat mom 2020 mask quarantined shirt . I swear, Marvel movies are the only ones I find worthy of going to a theater now. The latest one is such a glorious tribute to black, African culture, I must feature some fave Black Panther t-shirts! I loved every moment of black history. I honestly found myself a bit annoyed at the sight of the first white character.Still, beyond the great hero and the amazing soundtrack, I left the theater appreciating the character of Chadwick Boseman but loving the villain, Erik Killmonger. I think he’s Marvel’s best one, who makes some good points about Wakanda’s leaders. But we know that the end doesn’t justify the means. Although Erik’s explanations make sense, his methodology is totally amiss.While exiting the cinema, I fixated on this character, beyond all the other spectacular ones. This means that this time the pop culture t-shirt post is dedicated to the villain and not the hero. I hope they find a way to resurrect him for an encore! Because Infinity War doesn’t enough heroes already.

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